Sean has a broad range of experience and this really helps to make this book super practical. It can even be used as a blueprint to copy-paste certain elements for your own programs but definitely a useful guide to go over all the important areas of an accelerator!

Lukas Gräf
STARTPLATZ Accelerator

I’ve participated in 500 Startups (Mountain View, CA) and Rockstart (Amsterdam, NL), and currently designing a government-funded accelerator for companies solving circular, city, and climate challenges.

The Accelerator Survival Guide rings true from my experience, and offers practical advice for people who are involved in designing, leading or supporting accelerators and incubators.

Sean’s ambition in this book is nothing short of delivering a life-changing experience for participants.

He offers a distinctively musical, theatrical, colorful and immersive style to accelerators, which helps your program stand out.

Grab a copy and go make a life-changing accelerator experience for your participants!

Guy Vincent