Just like when you market a startup’s product, you can never onboard too much. This doesn’t have to wait until your program kicks off. Before the founders arrive you should be collecting information from them and providing it as well. The more of this you can get out of the way ahead of time the less it’ll bog you down during the program itself.

Information to request in advance:

  • Investment-related and due-diligence requests
  • Founder contact information and emergency contacts
  • Dietary restrictions
  • Team size attending program to help you space plan
  • T-shirt and hoodie sizes for swag
  • High-resolution startup logos to include on your website and other materials

Information to send in advance:

  • Program calendar
  • A general FAQ with questions that keep coming up
  • Information about the local region for founders traveling in
  • Housing recommendations
  • List of your partner deals so they can start applying for them
  • An awesome welcome email to make everyone feel excited and informed

It’s also recommended that your program operations people reach out to each company and set up a meeting. This time can be used to discuss things such as arriving and accommodation or visa related questions from international founders. It’s also a great opportunity to understand the founders’ expectations for the program.