The Accelerator Survival Guide

How to lead, design and execute great programs

This guide is a collection of experiences, frameworks and startup accelerator best practices. It’s the ideal starting point for program directors but any member of an accelerator’s staff can find value within its pages. Learn how to maximize your program and avoid the major pitfalls with this true survival guide.

About the Author

Sean Percival is an American entrepreneur, investor and author originally from California. He has invested in 100+ startups and founded several of his own. He has been a startup accelerator Program Director at over 10 programs throughout the world.

Who This Book is For

Accelerator Program Directors

Corporate Innovation Managers

All Accelerator Staff

What’s Inside the Book

  1. Getting Started
  2. Dealflow
  3. Running Your Program
  4. Demo Day Success
    • The Art of the Pitch
    • Show Logistics
    • Working with Investors
    • The Day After Demo Day
  5. Follow Up and Alumni Support
    • Program Wrap Up
    • Follow-on Investing
    • Supporting Founders Long Term
  6. Glossary